Team Building in a zip line circuit

Every year the demand for adventure activities for companies increases. Both large companies and small work groups have discovered that organizing such events regularly is very positive for the internal dynamics of organizations, improving corporate competence and the sense of belonging to a team.
One of the most frequent activities in this field are the zip line circuits, a specialty that has a lot to do with adventure sports, and that encourages the development of useful skills for the job. These types of events are usually complemented by training seminars, business lunches, coaching sessions or even more commercial meetings. An adventure park can become the ideal place to develop all these types of activities.

Basically, the idea is to go through a circuit of zip lines in height, from tree to tree. Participants are usually equipped with a safety harness tied at the waist, with two carabiners and a pulley that is placed on a cable. The sensation experienced is similar to that of flying, once the participant jumps and glides through the zip line. When the next tree is reached, the person disconnects from that cable and connects to the next one, and so on until the whole circuit is finished.

The experience can be very interesting for various reasons. The first is to check the reaction of a group if it is being evaluated. There are several aspects, such as the initiative or the fear of launching into the void, which denote the degree of trust that each person has. In addition, these events serve to encourage team collaboration and motivation in the field of business. Precisely, the possibility of holding this type of meeting away from the work environment has demonstrated its ability to create a climate that allows different sensations to be expressed, which sometimes allow discovering innate talents that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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