Jungle Coaster: the best continuous zipline on the market

A route full of twists, curves and dizzying descents that will leave you breathless

At Jungle Coaster, adventure reaches new heights with our zipline coaster


An adventure awaits you at every turn

  • With innovative design and first-class security measures, we guarantee an exciting and safe experience for all our visitors.
  • At Jungle Coaster we use an anti-sway system that prevents sudden lateral movements during the trip.
  • A high-altitude adventure proposal for the most daring, where the adrenaline rush and excitement are guaranteed, combining the excitement of a roller coaster with the adrenaline of a zip line.

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Tickets and Jungle Coaster packs

  • Jungle Coaster admission price is the same for all ages.
  • If you want to enjoy several experiences (Zipline course + Jungle Coaster, for example) you can configure your custom «experience pack».

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Jungle Coaster Ticket 119
All ages
Price: €10 for 1 route, +€6,50 for additional route/descent.
Includes access to parking, cafeteria, barbecue area (reservation required) and free Wi-Fi.
Zipline Course + Jungle Coaster Pack
Add +€6,50 to the entrance to the zip lines (per person and for any age) and also enjoy 1 Jungle Coaster tour/descent

Live a perfect day of adventures
in our large park in Tarragona

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    We are open weekends and school holidays all year round. Check our opening times!

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    Come without a reservation and buy your ticket in the park, or buy your ticket online

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    Spend a day of adventure and enjoy parking and barbecue area and much more!

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